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Bringing Your Vision To Life
Through Custom Furnishings

We play a small, but integral, role in the carefully curated environment you create for your student residents. And despite the fact that we just installed our one millionth "bed" this year, we approach each project with the keen understanding that it is someone's, if not many somone's, metaphorical baby. Others might take a "been there, done that" attitude. Not us.

We don't stop looking for ways to improve our product or service offering. We can't stop looking for ways to increase efficiency. And we won't stop challenging industry standards or best practices as optimal... even if they're standards we set ourselves.
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Our Approach

Putting our hearts into
every project we take on

We've been here since the pioneering days of the category and while a lot of things have changed, one thing that certainly hasn't is our very personal commitment to customer success.

We build long-term strategic customer partnerships on a foundation of mutual trust and executional excellence, fueled by rigorous process and deep value-chain relationships nurtured over decades.

Product Spotlight

Design is at the heart
of everything we do.

We understand that students’ tastes in form and function are not static. They are ever-changing and even trading off between one another.

Your creative vision and an almost endless array of material and finish options, plus our uniquely collaborative approach and access to state-of-the-art factories is a match thats sure to keep you well ahead of the ever-growing pack of competitive properties.

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At University Furnishings, our top priority is to make you—and your student residents—as comfortable as possible.

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